19 Truly Awkward Prom Photos [Slideshow]

Prom is supposed to be one of the most ‘magical’ and memorable occasions in a young person’s life. All the preparation, dress shopping, date choosing, date asking and more add up to that one special evening that a student is supposed to remember fondly for the rest of their life.

In order to help them remember this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ occasion inevitably an increasing number of photographs are taken to capture all the magic. It used to be that these were either taken by professional photographers or snapped by proud parents, but since the rise of the smartphone, an increasing number of selfies and impromptu ‘candid snaps’ have been added into the mix as well.

And maybe it’s because fashions and attitudes change, or just because they were rather bad in the first place, sadly, many of these photos do not age well, leaving people with rather awkward mementos of their big night, rather than the amazing prom memories they had hoped for. Here are some prime examples of just how awkward, odd or just downright bad prom pictures can become.

1. Breaking All the Rules


(Photo Credit: 80sprom.com)

You actually have to admire this couple, as even in the 80s they were shattering a lot of stereotypes. Especially the one about it being a girl’s prerogative to spend hours on her hair while the guy’s done in a minute with a swipe of hair gel. And you have to admire his dye job as well, it has to have taken hours.

The Eighties was the era of big hair for everyone. In fact the hairdos of the Eighties – or rather all of the Aqua Net it took to create and maintain them – are almost certainly at least 50% responsible for the hole in the Ozone Layer that causes so many problems today.
Of course, at the time, all of this was actually uber cool, but as we mentioned earlier, there are many fashion trends that just don’t age well, leaving us with terrible treasures like all of these.