Top 15 Jobs for People Over 50

Many people are now working later and later into their lives as medical technology gets better and we live longer. With that comes a need for older workers to find jobs that suit their skill set and are also flexible and easy to start. While it may seem like companies are only looking for young, tech-savvy workers, there are actually many industries that are hiring older workers in large numbers. Whether you’re looking to get back out there now that your kids are empty nesters, or you’re just itching for a career change in general, here are some of the positions that are best for those over fifty right now.

1. Tax Preparer

1 tax preparer

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to be an accountant to prepare taxes. The IRS actually offers training programs and certifications to help you learn the ropes, but if you already have knowledge in this area, you don’t necessarily need to take them. You can start your own tax preparation service, or you can see if established ones in your area are hiring.

2. Grant Coordinator

11 grant coordinator

If you are a strong writer and have passion for furthering education and culture, then a position as a grant coordinator would be the perfect fit for you. Grant coordinators search for grants, write them, and work with their staff to implement them. This job field is steadily growing and pays very well.

3. Tour Guide

3 tour guide

Tour guides lead people through various attractions, such as historical sites or museums. If you live in a large metropolitan area with plenty of tourist attractions, there are likely many of these jobs available. You don’t need any training, and you can work part- or full-time.

4. Personal Care Aide

8 personal care aide

As people are living longer, there is an increased need for personal care aides around the country. They help elderly people with things like getting groceries and managing their bills, as well as just keeping them company. This is a relatively easy job, and is great if you are looking for part-time work.

5. Dental Hygienist

15 dental hygienist

Dental hygienists make a good salary and have many options for work. You do need a certification to become a dental hygienist, but it does not take long to complete. Since dental offices are always hiring, this could be a very good position for you to get into.

6. Event Planner

2 event planner

Are you highly organized and good at multitasking? You’d likely enjoy a career as an event planner. You’ll work with various organizations to pull together all the details of their next show, dinner, or convention. You don’t need any certifications or degrees, although many educational institutions offer them if you want one.

7. Sales Demonstrator

9 sales demonstrator

If you have a fun and outgoing personality and like talking to people, this could be a great option for you. Sales demonstrators work in stores and at events, promoting new products and explaining to people what their benefits are. This is also a relatively flexible job, although you may sometimes end up working on the weekend or at night.

8. Tailor

7 tailor

If you have sewing skills, you can make good money working as a tailor. Since many people are no longer learning how to sew, the demand for this job has shot up. If you enjoy sewing, you will get to work in a position that allows you to do something you love.

9. Bookkeeper/Secretary

4 bookkeeper

Companies everywhere are constantly on the lookout for new secretarial staff. They often search for older, more experienced workers as well. These are usually very solid, stable jobs that pay well.

10. Pilates/Yoga Instructor

5 pilates instructor

If you enjoy these popular workout methods, you may enjoy teaching them as well. Certifications are available everywhere and are fairly quick to complete. You’ll work in a local studio teaching your own classes and private lessons.

11. Medical Assistant

6 medical assistant

There is a constant need for new medical assistants all over the country. You do not need any specific education, although some require certifications. You will work in doctor’s offices assisting the medical team with things like taking payment and medical histories.

12. Tutor

10 tutor

This job is perfect for those who like working with kids and have expertise in school subjects like math or writing. You can either work independently or for a tutoring company, and you can schedule sessions on your own time. This gives you the flexibility you want, while still giving you a solid income.

13. Physical Therapy Assistant

12 physical therapy assistant

Physical therapy businesses need assistants to manage paperwork and keep the office organized. This is a great job for those over 50. Many offices allow you to work part-time, and have a fun and relaxed atmosphere as well.

14. Online Content Creator

13 online content creator

If you have access to a computer, a creative mindset, and strong writing skills, you can work as an online content creator. Most of this work is freelance, and you will work with marketing teams to develop content for websites. You can also work from home in this position, which is a bonus for many people.

15. Translator/Interpreter

14 translator

If you are multilingual, this is a good position for you to look into. Many companies around the world are looking for people who can translate texts or interpret spoken communication. Since this is a rare talent, it will be easy for you to find a position that pays well.